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The first Tuesday of each month, we'll be posting TOM'S TUESDAY TAGALONG. Tom will be sharing a blog type message with you.

Here is the November 2021 edition of TOM'S TUESDAY TAGALONG.



     What a difference a month makes, seems like forever since we last talked. I can honestly say, “I don’t know where to start.” So, I think I will just start at the beginning.

     Several days after a recent concert, we found out that one of us had tested positive for Covid. We all decided to get tested ourselves and low and behold 3 of the 4 of us also had it. We notified the church and everyone we had contact with about our situation. Later in the week, our family members got tested and sure enough some of them tested positive as well. At this point, we were just three sick families dealing with various levels of this virus, not really knowing what the future held for us. We texted back and forth several times each day, just to check up on each other and try to encourage one another. I know some of you are probably wondering why we didn’t actually talk to one another instead of texting. If you have had this stuff, you know how weak you become with little to no effort. Several of us either lost our voices or our throats were so sore, it hurt to even swallow. Two of us had to go to the hospital for special treatments and meds to help fight off the infection. One of the common comments was that we had never been this sick before and felt so weak. Even now, we find that one of the lingering side effects is still tiring out easily. You know, normally you can go to the doctor when you are sick and get the necessary medicines to make you better. But this is not really the case with Covid. You basically have to do what you can to lessen the symptoms and let it run its course. In more severe cases, seek help from your doctor or hospital. I think the most discouraging aspect of this virus is that it takes so long before you feel any improvement in your condition. As each day passes, you say to yourself, “When is this thing gonna end, so I can start to feel better?” Then after a while, you can feel a little improvement each day.

     So, let’s get to the crux of this story and find out why I am telling it to all of you. Let me say first off, I don’t know how anyone without family, friends or more importantly a relationship with the Lord, gets through it. I have always said that your faith in the Lord is always stronger when someone else has the problem. In certain situations, like the one we just experienced, there is a real difference between what you are feeling and what you know to be true. Speaking for myself, there were days that I wasn’t sure that my prayers were being heard because I wasn’t seeing any change. I had to get back into the Word and remind myself of the promises our Lord has made us and remind myself of these truths. I had to remind myself that God has His own time schedule and that’s not going to change for me or anyone else. I read some of the healing stories in my Bible and knew in my heart that the God we serve never changes and He will always be there for us. One of us related that one day they were so sick all they could do was lay there and say the name of Jesus. When you are lying flat on your back and you feel so alone, you finally realize how important He is in your life and you too will say, “Jesus I need you.” When I softly say the name “Jesus,” there is a feeling that wells up inside of me. My eyes start to water a little and this feeling of love and warmth just takes over. We decided that even though we were praying and encouraging each other daily, we were in this together and were going to pray together. We would pick a certain time during the day to pray as a group and collectively lift our voices to God. You know the bible says that “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I will be also.” We couldn’t physically be together, but we were spiritually and emotionally together. We also want to thank all of our friends and the churches who have been lifting us up in prayer. We truly believe that it was by the power of prayer and the love of the Lord that has brought us through this trial.

     I firmly believe that we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil, whether it is individually or as a group. When we are willing to take a stand for the Lord, Satan will do everything in his power to silence us. But I serve a bigger God that will give me the strength to continue to witness and always be there for me. Do you know why I say this? Because the Lord said it, the bible teaches it and I’ve read the end of THE BOOK. WE WIN! We are anxious to get back out and be able to lift the Lord up, as never before, with the music we sing. He has given us more reasons to praise His name through this whole sickness thing. Once again, we can truly tell the story of His love and grace because He has brought us through the fire. So. if we sing a little louder, or you see the tears of joy flowing from our eyes, it’s because our emotions are real, and the memories will never go away.

     As usual, I will end with the lyrics to one of our favorite songs “Amazing God.” “I still serve an amazing God. He’s been with me every mile my weary feet have trod. He still cares, He still heals. He’s still mending broken hearts and drying tears. This old world is bound to change, but I’m glad I know the One who always stays the same. And my song will ever be, Amazing God you’re still amazing me.”

     I hope He amazes you too. Thank you so much for the love you have shown us through your support and prayers! Hope to see you at one of our concerts. God Bless!

-Tom Wingert