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The first Tuesday of each month, we'll be posting TOM'S TUESDAY TAGALONG. Tom will be sharing a blog type message with you.

Here is the October 2021 edition of TOM'S TUESDAY TAGALONG.


   I promised myself I was gonna cut everyone some slack when I decided what I wanted to talk about this month. The problem was it was getting late and I hadn’t had any great revelation on what to write about. I always believe that the Lord will put these thoughts in my mind when the times comes each month. There have been times when I would sit and try to put what I was thinking about into words. After a short time I realized these were my ideas and not necessarily what I was supposed to talk about. When the right subject comes into your head you just know it is right because the thoughts just keep coming. Sometimes, like this month, I started to get a little concerned because nothing seems to jump out at me. Then His light comes on and things just start to happen.

   So here we go again! I’m sitting here with my headphones on listening to a great song, ”On the Other Side of the Cross.” Folks never see how much time it takes to sit and listen to hundreds of songs to find those special few that have a great tune, but more importantly an uplifting message. Then there are all the times we practice it before you folks get to hear and hopefully enjoy it. Sometimes there are songs that just reach down deep inside us and truly send our emotions going in every direction. It can be hard at times, when we are standing on the stage singing and all of a sudden those feelings just come over us and we can’t get the words out. You see, when we are singing our music, it is touching our very souls and we pray it is touching you as well. I will always remember what Mark Lowry of the Gaithers said one evening in a concert. He said folks in the audience sometimes think that we have it all together and everything is fine. He said the only difference between us and the audience is that 3 ft stage that he was standing on. He said that we have the same trials and problems like everyone else and have to depend on the Lord to get us through each day. That’s why we sing!

   All of us in Keystone State Quartet are continually facing new challenges in our lives. We depend on the support and prayers of our families, friends, each other and especially our Savior to get us through them. We have learned over the years just how good God has been to us and we try to tell folks that message through the music we sing. Like I just said, ”That’s why we sing.” We believe that if we can get a great tune into someone’s head, eventually the words of that song will get to their heart and mind. I know that each one of you has had a song get into your head and you walk around for days humming the tune. When we really listen to the words and start to ponder them in our minds, then the message touches our lives. That’s our desire for you. So now you know why we do what we do. We feel so blessed to be able to share our God given talents to uplift our Lord through the music we sing. We always give Him all the credit and glory for the success He has allowed us to have over the years.

   Although I am the new guy in the group, I have known Julie, Kim and Dan for years and admire how seriously they take this ministry. Even though we live our daily lives individually, when we come together to sing, something special happens. We are blessed to have our voices blend, as we try to present the love of Christ though our music and the sincerity with which we sing it. Our goal is to reach as many folks as we can in our individual lives and together, as we travel and sing about how we have truly been blessed.

   Well I’ve got to bring this literary masterpiece to a close. We are singing again in the morning so I got to get up about 4am and drive to New Centerville with Kim. I always look forward to the next concert, no matter where it is. So hey, check out our schedule and plan to spend some time with us and bring a friend with you. As last month, I will leave you with something to think about until the next time. “Are you sure you know where you are going to spend eternity?” Think about that and get bold and ask a friend if they know where they will spend theirs.

   Singing till He comes! See you at a concert!  

-Tom Wingert